Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaching Others the Craft

Interestingly, I and a friend were approached a couple weeks ago to teach some kids & teenagers to knit and crochet.

I say "interestingly" because I suggested this as one of the "youth activities" for our Center and was scoffed at ("Knitting? (laugh) These girls don't want to knit.")
Of course, this quote was from the mouth of a 51 year old woman, not the girls themselves or even the Youth Coordinator.
Little did she know...

So, next month will be the first time I teach knitting to a group of youngsters. (Yes, I feel old just saying that.)
Nervous?  You bet!
I am not the most outgoing person the first time I meet someone. And I'm so out of their league.

But, with a lot of good advice, ideas and kind words from the lovely gals at the Hats Off to Gaza Ravelry group, I am confident that I will at least inspire a few to want to learn, and actually knit. I think the hardest part won't be teaching them, but keeping them interested and engaged. Hopefully, if I plan it all right from the beginning, I will pull it off.

If anyone out there has any good tips/advice, please comment and let me know!
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