Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Knitting Away!

We're so thrilled to be able to send more hats at the end of the year! This will be our third batch, and I know it will be our best yet.
I have already ten hats ready to go, nine are pictured below along with a super-cuddly all-cotton security blankie buddy! The kitty-ear, and cream ribbed are from a girl who is a friend of mine. I knit test knit the keffiyeh hat for TikkunKnitter, and knit the baby blueberry one for my own baby, who I (wrongly) assumed was going to be a boy. The pink one I also knit, it was my first time knitting the Aviatrix. The blankie buddy was also a first-try. Come to think of it, all the hats I made were first-tries. I really like to try new patterns, and before HOTG I had knit just one hat, a chulo for my husband.
Of all the hats I knit so far, I will definitely knit a few more keffiyehs, I think the kids would like that, and the aviatrix. I already have a burgundy one almost done, with plans for more. 

Included in the picture above are The Four Hats from Irving, Texas. A super sweet mother-daughter team emailed us back in the winter (or last year, yes... sorry!) and asked if they could send us some hats after stumbling upon our blog. How. Cool. Is. That! Speaking of emails, we do get email from people who are interested in our cause, and in fact we got an email from the founder of a very important website for Gazan children (I promise a separate post on that this week!)
So, it's always encouraging when you see your blog actually making a difference and doing what it's supposed to do, ya know?

These beautiful blue hats are a testament that blogging makes a difference!

To end, if there are any knitters or crocheters out there who want to give us a hat or two, then feel free to email us above. Thank you.
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