Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For those who are visiting this blog for the first time and would like to send knit or crocheted hats to Gazan children, here are the deadline guidelines depending on where you are located:

Who to send the hat to?
If you are in the US, the best date to have your hats sent off is November 26.
In the U.S, the address will be sent to you when you email us. When you are ready, please us and we will send you the address privately. We trust that nobody will pass my private information on to others for any reason other than sending me hats.
For Overseas hats: If you are in Europe or the Middle East it may make more sense to send them to a location in the area. Please email us and we will hook you up with the person who is responsible there.  Alternatively you can also send them to the US address, if for some reason this will be easier but be aware of the U.S. deadline.
Southern Hemisphere and Asia, please let us know which would be easier and cheaper to send to, U.S. or Europe and we will make arrangements.
Deadline if sending directly to Europe is mid December. You ladies have it made! Mid December the latest!

Check back in for more information. Questions and ideas are always welcome.
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