Monday, January 11, 2010

Gaza Children Drawings

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Please also visit this site to read more about the exhibit and you can also visit Rod Cox's blog where he talks more about this very important work he does in Gaza.


Beeba said...

Wow, I look at these and can't help but think about my own childrens' art: my oldest son draws his "adventures" as an archeologist (he wants to be like Indiana Jones and draws himself with a Indy hat on) discovering new species of dinosaurs, and dragons, and rescuing his brother from monsters... to think that this is the reflection of the psyche of children just like him is simply saddening and appalling... no child should have drawn these images. I was so moved by this.
I requested that this exhibition be featured at my local library... lets see if they respond. I really think that more people need to see this.

Linda said...

I agree, more people need to see this exhibit, stateside especially.
I have two drawings that my children did in 2nd grade on my wall, framed. One is a portrait of me, smiling with pink hair and the other is cars driving past buildings. So sweet and innocent and undisturbed. When compared to these drawings....?
I'm glad that the children in Gaza have an art therapist to work with them but little good it does if their situation will never improve!

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