Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes We Did!

Did you all notice the lovely slide show (look to the top right) that Beeba put together for the blog? I know its a work in progress but I want to thank you Beeba. Great idea and a wonderful end result!
So ladies and gents......Yes We Did! It was a call to action that didn't Change the larger issues but even if only for one winter, our work, which was from the heart, changed the lives of 113 children, innocent victims of the ongoing Israeli blockade on Gaza.
While we want to steer away from out right political discussion, its hard to seperate the fact that as a nation (in the U.S), we are called to action for positive change and yet, as far as matters close to our hearts (the children of Gaza) our hands remain tied. We can work our fingers to the bone for the children but unless U.S. policy towards the situation shifts dramatically, nothing is going to Change.
At this point in time, it's rather hard to envision a free Gaza. In most news articles, when the peace talks are discussed, Gaza is not even mentioned as being on the table! Is Gaza in a permanent state of siege then? And if so, can we accept that?
The less we hear about it, the more it becomes the norm. It isn't normal to imprison an entire population. We should never allow ourselves to become desensitized. Further we cannot allow our neighbors to become so either.
By all means, lets keep knitting! But I am interested in ideas that might help put Gaza on the "Change" list officially, in the White House. Isn't it time we say, "Enough" and demand Change?


Beeba said...

I loved this post, very thought provoking and you voiced very well a lot of what many people feel. I totally agree with it all. I wish I knew a way to help. :(

Thanks for the remarks about the slideshow! I tagged my hat photos with the right keywords, but still the slideshow does not pick them up. There are so many more hats that could be shown. I think we need to set up a new Flickr account with the member name as Hats off to Gaza. Then one of us can upload all the hats and kids pictures under that member name and direct the slideshow to pick up that "member"s stream.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to take a look to see what the options are about the slideshow. I've never put one together before so can't really say............
Linda (having trouble with the google account)

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