Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Current Delivery Update

45 hats, a shawl and some soft toys were sent to Gaza on the eve of the Egyptian revolution. We will add photos of these lovely textiles in another post. As of today, its still unclear if our hats made it into Gaza. Our delivery lady was in Cairo during the heat of the protests and tried to keep in touch with us as often as she could. It wasn't easy with internet blackouts.
As of last communication, she was still safe, still in Cairo, still in possession of the gifts and still hoping to enter Gaza to hand deliver these hats directly to  a youth center where  distribution is direct to the children.
As we hear more, we will update again.
What is going to happen to these gifts if she doesn't get them to the hands of Gazas children? They will come back here and await another opportunity.
Please keep knitting hats, scarves, shawls and toys. Even if a new regime opens the Rafah border permanently, the need will still be there. Our prayers as always are with the people of Gaza and now with the people of Egypt.


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