Sunday, December 13, 2009

100 Hats and counting!

I just wanted to give the nearly final tally for the hats! 100 plus two packages on their way which I think will make it 113 when all is said and done, two pairs of mittens and one cute kitty comfort toy!
I will resume posting images of hats soon.


Beeba said...

WOW! I never in my wildest dreams thought that in such a short amount of time we could get over a 100 hats to children in Gaza! This is truly beyond amazing, and gives us hope and confidence that things will only be better in the 2010 shipment! Yeah!!!

Linda said...

It was really wonderful to see so many take the intitiative to keep on creating hats! The great news is that most of our members have continuted o knit for the next shipment. We can do much much more but not bad for having pulled this group together on the fly!

HappyBanshee said...

Hey everyone:):) Two more packets arrived today. One from Doha and one from California:) so add 13 more hats to that total, we're rockin!!

Linda said...

Very cool! I was worried about those! But the ladies have it together. Waiting for pics from you HappyBanshee!

islamic educator said...

I've recently found out that the caravan will be coming through Amman, so I hope I can find out where and meet these special people and take some pics.

I also mentioned the hats being in the caravan to a local reporter, so maybe they will take it up also.

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