Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back to Hats-Another U.S. Beauty

When this envelope arrived from G-knits, I was with my twins. I didn't even get to touch it at first because the second they saw the colors they grabbed it and began to fight over it:) As if.......
Don't worry G-knits, I retrieved it safely and let them continue the fight without the hat in their grubby hands.
It is a ribbed pattern and will fit various head sizes. The recipient will wear it for years to come since it won't be outgrown. Just beautiful! Thank you!


Beeba said...

I was cracking up at your twins, and your wit Linda! I bet this reminded you of when they were really little. ^_~

Linda said...

And it reminded me of how much teenagers are still babies! Glad you appreciate my humor, Beeba:)

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