Monday, December 7, 2009

More U.S Hats

Even more gorgeous hats, this time by our friend TikkunKnitter who is on ravelry as well. There are several wonderful patterns used in this batch so if you are on ravelry go check out TikkunKnitters project page for more information.
One I have to highlight for everybody, the green one peeking out in the background:

This is from a chart TikkunKnitter created herself called Kafiyeh Dialog 1. The chart can also be found on ravelry. I think this one is my favorite of all, though "Aviatrix" is so cute as well!
Edited to add- Check out TikkunKnitters blog about the Tikkun Tree Project. Beeba and I actually met there in the comments section. Who would of thought it would come to this!
Big double thanks to Tikkun Knitter!


Beeba said...

My next hat is going to be this one. I have *exactly* those colors! I love it! Thank you, TikkunKnitter!
I visited The Tikkun Tree blog, and absolutely love the Olive branch-- simply gorgeous.

I know, what an amazing online world we live in, who would ever have guessed that less than ayear after meeting we would get this project going and send hats to Gazan kids! I am floored.

happybanshee said...

love these hats, what a brilliant knitter!!

Linda said...

Beeba, I'm in love with the doves myself. I think I'm going to work on that tree on the side. I promised to make leaves but did my usual procrastination dance......

Maria said...

I want to make this hat! I'm going to have to make a dozen, because all my boys' friends are going to want one, and then this group......

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