Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hat Journey Complete

Our delivery lady was unable to enter Gaza herself but found a doctor with Red Crescent who  kindly took them in for her. Mission accomplished. As stated before, these hats will go directly to the hands of children through youth and rehabilitation centers as well as orphanages. 
We will update if we hear more.
Thank you to the delivery lady (if you are reading, may we use your name?), the good doctor and others who worked against all odds to deliver these hats to the intended recipients.


Beeba said...

‎"Impossible" Mission--accomplished once again! \O/

Dmarie said...

how wonderful! well done!

Cat said...

hey there!
this is a great project!
i will start knitting immediately =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies, im the person who delivered the very first batch of hats and took all the photos. Ive been back to Gaza several times since then and will be going back again to Gaza around August/September to deliver several vehicles, one of which is a mobile library for children, so if you want any more hats delivered i'd be happy to take them through for you again, Linda has my contact details if your interested:)

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