Saturday, November 28, 2009

3 More

I am horribly behind on posting updates of the hats we have received so far. I am trying to post in order of completion whenever possible so bare with me.
These cute hats are from Maria here in the states who found out about us on ravelry. Her cameras batteries died so I promised to photograph them for her and then my camera batteries died! The colors in the photo don't do the work justice, they are actually softer in tone. Sorry Maria:)
Great work yet again! We certainly have talented fiber artists at work here. Stay tuned for more!


Beeba said...

I love these! Such lovely spring colors. I am sure the kids will be so happy!
Linda what is the total count up to now?

Linda said...

Hi Beeba
It was over 30, I wrote it down somewhere. Remember though that this is the U.S. count only. We still have hats coming from all over the place. Final tally once they are off!

Linda said...

Correction-58 hats from the U.S plus two pairs of mittens. And some of the overseas members are still knitting/crocheting. And many of the U.S members are continuing on for our next campaign.

Beeba said...

I think this update deserves its own blog post!

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