Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ravelry group is up to 35 members! And more news

I am so happy to report that the Ravelry group has 35 members.

It seems the word is finally getting out, and people are joining! Just today a friend I didn't think was interested in this project whatsoever surprised me by accepting my invitation. That was my first bit of good news. The second was the enthusiasm of another lady in my circle, she is all for this and has begun work on her first hat today.

Another good piece of news we received in the last couple days is that we have another person who may be able to deliver our hand made items for future campaigns! If this person comes through, it will be a huge relief, as this is a major obstacle in sending anything at all to Gaza. (Don't need to elaborate here! Anyone who follows the news will see what I mean).

I love it when people come together for a good cause. And what better cause than the betterment of childrens lives?
This really gives me the reassurance that our project is a noble one, and begins to fulfill the hope that we will have many more "campaigns" in the future.

A very good week for Hats Off to Gaza!


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