Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Hats! Yes!

Ravelry member kirbanita sent these five beautiful hats this week. This photo is used with her permission. Thanks so much kirbanita! I know these will keep children warm and the colors will bring some brightness to a bleak winter.
I have been contacted by several more members who are sending to our European collection point as well. We are nearing the deadline for this campaign in the U.S. now but are going to be regrouping afterwards to plan our next one. Our members have come up with several great ideas on possiblities for ensured delivery which sound very promising. Feel free to give us your ideas.
The level of participation has made me see that the world does indeed care about the innocent victims of conflicts and wars. My pessimism melts with every hat we recieve. Thank you all.


Happy Banshee~Ravelry said...

Oh these are gorgeous and colourful the kids will love them!!

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