Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blog Featured on Desert Peace

I was searching online for comparable groups that work for Palestinian children and needless to say came up empty handed. However..........I did find that Desert Peace did a feature post about Hats Off To Gaza! Very exciting news! Read it here!
If you followed the link from there to here then welcome friends. We are indeed working on hats for Gazas many needy children. Our first campaign is proving to be a success thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. Many have vowed to continue knitting for this cause and we are now working out the details for our next campaign so please keep checking in.
Feel free to contact us here with questions anytime as well. Most of all, help spread the word. As I said, there are no other groups out there serving Palestinian children, not that I have uncovered as of yet. I don't begrudge that other shattered regions do have groups working for the victims but the fact remains that Gaza's children need us more than ever.


fjb said...

You're angels.. ♥

Robin said...

Hi there! What a beautiful site you have.

Dr, Mona Al Farra is one of the founders of MECA-she is in Gaza

Shunra said...

Amazingly, I didn't find the blog on the Ravelry group but through Deset Peace. Thanks for setting it up, and I'm right here (following by RSS rather than Google, so I won't be counted automatically).

Beeba said...

This is such great news! I am beyond amazed that so soon into our effort, we got picke dup by a major Middle East peace blog. ::blown away::

This is a great motivator to KEEP it MOVING! ^_^

Robin, I added MECA to our favorite links.
fbj: thank you!

Anonymous said...

got you covered on UprootedPalestinains as well, see it here:


Beeba said...

Thank you, Anonymous! I hope more people follow suit and get the word out.

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